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Hello we´re Daniel and Victoria:) We live about 5321 miles apart from each other.. And we are madly in love!<3 We are going to blog about our lives, our future and about the life as an LDR couple and yeah just love :) Go ahead and ask! We are always here for you<3
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reckless-corrupted: So me and this girl have this "thing" for about 3 months now; she told me she doesn't like labels for us cause it hurts her more that I am so far away, which I completely understand. We are over 6,000 miles and 8 hours apart but each time we get, we talk to each other. It wasn't until recently that it started to feel like all the effort was one-sided and we are now down to a sentence a day. I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

Well maybe you should try and talk to her about it? I mean sometimes it is hard and you’re gonna feel like its one Way only. I do that too now and then. And i bet Daniel Does too. But we talk it through. And other times we just have to try and let it go. Wait for better times to come. I really hope i helped you In some way and that things Does get better!! Just try and stick to it:-) wish you guys the Best of luck!

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itssowrongitsrach: Isn't really a question but I just need to talk to someone about how my love for this guy that lives in England just keeps coming back and we've been flirting and like "together" on and off for three years but we're total friends before that so we've been talking since ninth grade and I'm in my sophomore year of college now. We've skyped multiple times so he's the real thing :D I've been thinking about him everyday.

Awww thats sweet! Good luck with everything and its Always okay to messages us to just get something Off ur chest. Wish the Best for you guys :)

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The distance love, it’s just time.
Time measured in meters
broken meters when you kiss me again.

And, I see you here. Beside me
I don’t avoid thinking, that in few days we will be separated
and this moment, only will be another memory
that I’ll dream, until you return.

I want live in your eyes
descend to your <3
for you dont forget me.

(sorry for my english, I hope this contribution is to your liking. Grettings from Chile)

. . .

Thank you its Always lovely to get a submission :-)

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If you’re feeling down, I’ll go down on you

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trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room


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click here for more love!


click here for more love!

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Anonymous: You're an inspiration to a lot of people including me and my girl, thank you for keeping up your blog(:

Aw you guys Always make me blush haha im so glad this helps other people as well! Stay strong :-)

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